The Borderlands

The Adventure Thus Far...

Coldeven 6: Ivellios turns 121 years old. His mentor, Master of the Blacksmiths’ Guild of Longspear and a sitting member of that city’s ruling council, tells him that he is being sent on his first mission in the service of the guild. He tells him about the merchant who went missing a week earlier and sends him to the borderlands of eastern Eor to discover what became of the merchant and to rescue him if possible. He tells Ivellios that the local merchants’ guild is offering 100 gp reward and he gives Ivellios a riding horse to speed him on his journey. It is a clear, windy day as Ivellios departs Longspear, travelling southeast towards the Javan River.

Coldeven 7: Skies are cloudy as Ivellios continues southeast, and a heavy rain begins at mid-day while the wind continues to blow hard. The rain lightens in the evening as Ivellios reaches the banks of the Javan River, but continues to fall into the midnight hours.

Coldeven 8: Skies are once again cloudy as Ivellios travels south along the west bank of the Javan River. There is a thunderstorm in the pre-dawn hours..

Coldeven 9: The air is still as Ivellios continues to follow the river south under cloudy skies.

Coldeven 10: The sun shines through the clouds on another windless day. Ivellios continues to travel south, coming in the evening to a point where a ferry boat will take him across the river.

Coldeven 11: Ivellios crosses the river, leaving the Yeomanry behind, and begins to set out east across the lands of Old Eor under cloudy, windless skies. While camped near the road under clouds illuminated by a full moon, Ivellios’ horse is nearly stolen by a bandit who attempts to flee when Ivellios is awakened from his trance. Ivellios pursues the bandit and disarms him, leaving him tied up by the side of the road.

Coldeven 12: A light wind breaks the stillness of a cloudy day, and by nightfall Ivellios comes to the edge of the hills wherein lies Kendall Keep. He decides to camp in the wilderness once more before pressing on.

Coldeven 13: Ivellios arrives at Kendall Keep and meets a band of four mercenaries, led by Odis the Mercenary, at the tavern. He agrees to hire two of their number for his expedition to rescue the merchant. A light rain falls for most of the day, continuing past midnight.

Coldeven 14: The day begins with heavy rain and wind. Ivellios meets a priest named Velor at the tavern, and the rain continues until midnight.

Coldeven 15: A cloudy day with light winds follows, and Ivellios once again freqents the tavern, this time meeting a Hill Dwarf named Dain.

Coldeven 16: A thunderstorm occurs in the evening.

Coldeven 17: A clear day with light wind is spent in preparation.

Coldeven 18: The party, comprised of Ivellios, Dain, Velor and his two acolytes, and the two mercenaries, sets out in search of the Caves of Chaos, where it is believed that the merchant is being held prisoner. They are soon joined by the other mercenaries who have been sent by Adrin the Curate to aid them in their quest. They travel east along the road until midday when they leave the road and head towards a forest which rises to the north. They come to a high meadow in the afternoon where they make camp. That night a thunderstorm comes upon them, and a heavy rain continues to fall into the next day.

Coldeven 19: They press on to the northeast across the meadow when the rain lifts the next morning. After passing through more dense forest, they come to a ravine wherein lie the Caves of Chaos. The party enters a cave inhabited by a tribe of hobgoblins. They kill thirteen hobgoblins as they find their way to the chamber of the Hobgoblin Warlord, at which time Velor and his acolytes turn on the rest of the party, injuring them with magic and leaving them for dead. The entire party is captured, but Ivellios, who still remains conscious, calls for a parley with the warlord, and ransoms himself and Odis for 43 gp, agreeing to return with more money to ransom his companions. A light rain is falling as the two make their way out of the ravine, having found that their horses were gone, and camp in the large clearing in the forest that they had passed through on the previous day. The rain continues into the predawn hours.

Coldeven 20: A clear day dawns with little wind. Ivellios and Odis return to the ravine and attack a cave inhabited by kobolds. They kill nine kobolds before they are driven out, taking one prisoner. Ivellios interrogates the prisoner, who gives him a map of the kobold lair and some general information about the ravine. Ivellios releases the prisoner and calls for a parley with his leader, the Trap Lord, who eventually emerges to negotiate with him. Ivellios proposes forming an alliance with the kobolds, but the Trap Lord refuses, instead giving Ivellios some information about the goblins who live across the ravine.
The rest of the day is spent hiding in a small grove of trees, and at dusk Ivellios and Odis sneak back into the hobgoblin tunnels and find a torture chamber where Dain, the other mercenaries, and some other prisoners are being kept. Ivellios slays the two guards and releases his friends and four more human prisoners. They are Finn, the lost merchant, his wife Anara, and their two caravan guards, Paul and Eddard. They escape from the caves and journey back to the Keep through the night, their way lighted by a waning crescent moon.

Coldeven 21: The ten companions arrive at the Keep before daybreak as clouds begin to gather. They are admitted and told that Velor and his acolytes had returned the day before, leading the party’s horses and claiming that Ivellios and the rest had been slain. Ivellios accuses Velor of using dark magic. Guards go to Velor’s house and arrest him and his acolytes. Ivellios is given the reward for rescuing the merchant and Anara requests to join the party as Ivellios’ apprentice, offering her magic dagger as payment to be delivered upon completion of the apprenticeship, which terms Ivellios accepts. Paul and Eddard also offer their services to the party for one year in exchange for their rescue, requesting only living expenses.

Coldeven 22: There is a thunderstorm with high winds in the midnight and predawn hours.

Coldeven 23: The party, consisting of Ivellios, Dain, Anara, Paul, Eddard, and Odis, travels back to the Caves. The other mercenaries are staying at the Keep until their equipment is retrieved. The party camps in the forest nearby as light rain falls throughout the night.

Coldeven 24: The clouds persist. The party leaves Odis to guard the horses and attacks the hobgoblin cave once more, but this time the hobgoblins have set a guard near the door. After much fighting, the warlord herself along with her personal guard comes to meet the invaders. Many hobgoblins are slain, and Anara and Eddard lie unconscious…


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